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European Natural Additives en Figan 2015

The time has come for ENA to be introduced in Spain, after attending to several European fairs. We can definitely define our participation as a success.
A success, and a great surprise as well, being accompanied by some of our clients and collaborators from others european countries.
A success because of the number of clients that came to greet us all and shared with us their recent experiences, concerns and projects. But, above all, a success because of the constant visitors inside asking for information about our products.
We were aware of the concern in others European markets for substituting medications by natural phytogenetic products, but he have confirmed this new tendency in Spain with the high number of people that asked us about the efficiency and availability of our products.
Finally, the success of an enthusiastic and passionate team that combines youngness and expertise, and enjoys transmitting science and knowledge.

¡Many thanks to all who turned our presence in FIGAN into a success.!

European Natural Additives The Natural Solution